Di Wu – Cliburn Competition

Di Wu :: Cliburn Semi-Finals

Di Wu :: Cliburn Semi-Finals

I’ve been glued to my computer watching the Preliminary Round of the competition. Twenty-nine amazing pianists from around the world all competing for the prestigious Van Cliburn Award. The Semi-finalists are announced tonight. This only happens once every four years and this year you can watch the competition live on your computer. Students – please click here to download the plug-in and catch some of the action. Read about the competition and the contestants here.


This is a very busy time of year for everyone. About twenty students from here at The Music Studio will be performing the National Guild of Piano Teachers auditions this week. Final exams are upon us and we have two graduations happening in our house. But I’m making the time to watch (and least listen to) the Van Cliburn Competition. Yesterday I heard Andrea Lam rehearsing the Dvorak Piano Quintet with the Takacs Quartet and then her performance later in the evening. I love her bubbly enthusiasm. And then there was that beautiful Schumann performance by pianist, Di Wu. Wow! I’ll be sad when the week is over.

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