Stephen Scott Bowed Piano Ensemble

The Bowed Piano Ensemble at Colorado College performs Entrada by Stephen Scott who talks about how he was influenced by the early minimalists, Reilly and Reich, in this interview by David Varela.

Ryan Raul Bañagale blogs about his experience performing with the Scott’s Bowed Piano Ensemble.

As you can gather from watching the above video of “Entrada,” the ensemble gets its name from the method in which most of the sounds are produced.  Namely, bows.  Two types are used: soft (long, fishing-line or ribbon bows strung between the 88 individual strings of the piano) and hard (short, popsicle-stick brushes inserted and removed at various points as needed).   Sounds are also produced by more “traditional” means: picks, mallets, mutes, detached piano hammers, strumming, etc.

Close your eyes and you would never guess you are only listening to one instrument!

One thought on “Stephen Scott Bowed Piano Ensemble

  1. Very nice! My husband and I really enjoyed that. I play the piano but had never seen anyone play it like that. Very impressed! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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