More Lola Astanova

The other day I received a link to this video from Natalie. Lola Astanova‘s assistant. In addition to the Chopin performance, Lola encourages listeners to support arts organizations and initiatives in their communities.  Derrick Robinson has a terrific interview with Ms. Astanova where she talks about how the digital generation is keeping the world of classical music alive and well on the Internet.

Another “YouTube revelation” actually relates to the “Holy Grail” of the classical music industry – the young audience.  For years classical presenters have been trying to lure the younger crowd into concert halls and evidently without much success.  Yet, over half of my online viewers are people in their teens, twenties and thirties.  I receive daily emails from teenagers who say that they are inspired, and who subscribe to my channel along with Taylor Swift’s or Kanye’s.  These are guys and girls of very diverse backgrounds, but they all seem to have a sort of innate appreciation for this music.  And many grasp the significance of the arts much more than the classical establishment knows.  For example, my video about the arts in this economy has been passionately supported by countless young YouTubers, including such Internet stars as Ryan Higa and Iman Crosson, while traditional classical organizations have remained completely indifferent if not hostile.

Read the entire interview here.

One thought on “More Lola Astanova

  1. Hello, Cathy –

    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview with Lola Astanova. I certainly appreciated how candid and insightful she was in her responses to my questions.

    This was my first visit to your blog, and I was very impressed. There is a lot here for a piano lover like me to feast on! I’ll be back.


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