Just came across this tidbit over on AOL

If only piano teachers could have showed Mika’s  ‘Grace Kelly’ video before every lesson — probably more of us would have practiced.

I think I’d have to agree. Last Sunday I heard Mika in concert at the Electric Factory Outlet in Philadelphia. His infectious enthusiasm and catchy pop melodies had the whole audience, young and old, dancing and singing even though his lyrics tend to the darker side as August Brown notes in this LA Times post.  (I sat down at the piano for a few minutes today and played some Mika tunes before moving right on to a couple of Chopin Mazurkas…they seemed to go together for some reason.)

Mika (Michael Holbrook Penniman) was born in Lebanon, moved to Paris at age one, and was homeshooled until age 11. He attended the Royal College of Music in London before leaving to record his first album.  Wish I could have been a fly-on-the-wall at his piano lessons…

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