On the topic of memorizing, here are four things I always knew, but finally started implementing now that I have such limited practice time.

1.  Memorize hands separately. Tedious but it works. (If you don’t the patience for both hands, at least memorize the L.H.)

2.  Memorize the fingering, especially in fast tricky passages.

3.  Be sure you know your where your phrases begin and end.

4.  Play the music in your head often.


More on memory…

Just came across Maria Thompson Corley’s post about memory in the Broad Street Review. She writes about how she gradually learns to trust her instincts again after years of insecurity following a serious car accident at age 17.

In the end, it wasn’t a sudden, life-changing incident that freed me from my fear. Rather, it was a long, steady process. Perhaps as I was forced to cope with things far more crucial than missing a passage in a piece of music, I learned to trust my inner resources. Maybe as I prayed for clarity in other situations, some of that trickled down to my music making. Maybe it was simply my tenacity.

This was just what I needed to read today…

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