Going out to a concert

Tonight I had the opportunity to go hear the NEPA Philharmonic perform Carmina Burana. I love large orchestra and choral works and normally I would have gone, but tonight the thought of the crowd of people, the uncomfortable seats, driving there and back, made me decide to stay home, practice, watch Pollini on YouTube, and relax.

What type of musical performance would have inspired me to get out of the house tonight?

Definitely classical, probably chamber music, perhaps alt-classical. Preferably informal…I wanted to stay in my jeans. Short…one hour max…I have things to do. Coffee friendly. My mug is never far from my hand these days. Professional. I teach piano…need I say more?

Here are three venues I’d love to attend. Two are on the more formal side, none of them is close enough to get to tonight, but maybe…someday.

1.  Andrea Clearfield’s Salon (Philadelphia)
2.  Classical House Concerts (Tulsa)
3.  Classical Revolution (San Francisco, Cincinnati, New York, Philly, Pittsburgh or Chicago)