If I were a 16 year old piano student…

If I were a 16 year old piano student here are five things I’d like my piano teacher to ask me to do.

  1. Record a piece of music, make a photo montage video and post it on YouTube. Maybe it would be something I’d do on FreshBrain.
  2. Get a couple of friends together for a chamber music recital to raise money for The Humane Society. Well-behaved dogs invited.
  3. Write a piece of music for the piano…and I can use any part of the piano and any type of notation I want.
  4. Figure out how to do a mash-up and then do one.
  5. Work on an etude by Chopin or Moszkowski and see how fast I can get it in one week…with all the notes in place, of course.

3 thoughts on “If I were a 16 year old piano student…

    • I find my students will jump at any opportunity to raise money for a cause whether it’s to help the victims of a natural disaster or a soon-to-close animal shelter. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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