Inspired by this article about the endless supply of adaptations of Bach’s music, I started looking for some myself and found Egon Petri’s transcription of “Sheep May Safely Graze” from Bach’s Cantata 208 (free score here.) Here it is performed by Yeol Eum Son, silver medalist in the 2009 Van Cliburn Competiton. Enjoy!

The Kreutzer Sonata

In this video, music, dance, literature, and film come together to depict Tolstoy’s novella, The Kreutzer Sonata.

Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata has been the inspiration for art, movies, dance and even a string quartet.  I’m drawn to this performance because of the pianist, Katya Apekisheva. I particularly like her technical control and how she doesn’t let any unnecessary body movements distract from her performance of this difficult accompaniment.

Go Play – free eBook

Go Play - Motivating The New Generation of PianistsThe generation born into the world of the Internet, cell phones, iPods, and video games has been called many names including Gen Z, Digital Natives, Millennials, and echo-boomers. They are tech savvy parallel processors. They prefer receiving information in a random (hyper-linked) manner rather than linearly and sequentially. They want to learn things quickly – to play a new game, fix an automobile, speak a new language…and yes, play the piano. They are collaborators without boundaries. Their energy is affecting all aspects of the arts world and has many asking us to rethink the educational system.

I’ve put together this short eBook outlining a few steps that piano teachers can take to keep this digital generation motivated. Please download the PDF, send me your feedback, and pass it along.

iPad Performance

James Rhodes’ decision to use an iPad to perform Chopin’s Prelude in e minor as an encore at the Cheltenham Music Festival last week prompted this blog post by Tom Service at The Guardian.

As far as performing the Chopin Prelude with the ‘score’ and not by memory…who cares? It was a last minute encore request. James Rhodes had just completed an amazing program including two of my all-time favorites, the Waldstein Sonata and Chopin’s f minor Fantasie – by memory, of course. And anyway, Chopin would have been fine with it.

This is just another example of bringing classical music into the 21st century, something James Rhodes is doing in a big way.

Gyorgy Sebok on Point of View

In this masterclass from 1987, Gyorgy Sebok talks about point of view for a musician.

Sometimes you speak music in first person. When you play a Chopin Nocturne, you speak “I”. In some other music the music is a quotation.

Valentina Lisitsa Practicing

Over the past few days there’s been a buzz on my Twitter and Facebook pages about Valentina Lisitsa and the streaming video of her practice sessions.

I thought it kinda cute to let those of you who are curious – (or upsed at me not responding to messages on Youtube , Facebook etc LOL ) inside my practice studio.I am going to run live webcam for next 7 days-’till July 4th midnight to be exact. I will be working on my recital and concerto programs that I will have to perform next month. I have 55 pieces to work on!!!!!!

Seriously. Some of them I have to revive ( like Chopin Etudes or Brahms #2)more than half is absolutely brand new . I am going to practice as usual -@ 13-14 hours a day., from around 9-10AM EST to midnight. Nothing exciting otherwise:-)

If you have a chance I suggest you tune in at some point today. Great motivation to get you practicing!