The Kreutzer Sonata

In this video, music, dance, literature, and film come together to depict Tolstoy’s novella, The Kreutzer Sonata.

Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata has been the inspiration for art, movies, dance and even a string quartet.  I’m drawn to this performance because of the pianist, Katya Apekisheva. I particularly like her technical control and how she doesn’t let any unnecessary body movements distract from her performance of this difficult accompaniment.

5 thoughts on “The Kreutzer Sonata

    • One of my most memorable experiences was reading the Kreutzer w/a cellist friend in college. I was shocked, SHOCKED that anyone would write an Alberti bass for the RIGHT hand!

      What went through my head was something like, “The nerve! You spend 1/2 your life perfecting Alberti bass with the left hand, and then…”

      Have fun!

  1. Um… er… except that what I meant was the A Major Cello Sonata…

    Oops… multi-tasking made me do it!

    And I nearly passed up a dinner invitation to log on again and fix my comment.

    How obsessive is THAT?

    (Dinner was good. I feel better now.) : )

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