Christian Marklay – Shuffle

Anthony Coleman performs Christian Marclay’s “Shuffle.

Each of the 75 images collected here is presented on an oversized playing card, and the entire deck is enclosed in a distinctive package. Part Fluxus box, part John Cage-ian “chance operation” or Eames House of Cards, this highly collectible edition offers a compelling, serendipity-driven visual experience, as well as the components for a spontaneous musical score: a player need only shuffle the deck and let the cards fall where they may in order to produce a unique, experimental sequence. With text and instructions by Marclay. (more)

The performance was part of the Christian Marclay Festival going on at the Whitney Museum this month. The chalkboard in the video is part of the project…visitors create a “collective musical score” for an ongoing performance throughout the show.

But getting back to those cards..and from a teachers point of view…wouldn’t this be an interesting way to perk a piano lesson?

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