Music App Performance

I came across this video this morning via Dewey21C on ArtJournal. com. I like it because…

  1. It starts out with the iPhone’s piano app.
  2. It shows creative marketing on the part of the band, Atomic Tom. I admit I’d never heard of them before, but now I’m a fan.
  3. It puts those music apps on the iPhone to good use.
  4. It got me scrolling through Richard Kessler’s blog and reading many interesting posts about arts education.
  5. It’s sure to generate a whole slew of creative music app performances.

One thought on “Music App Performance

  1. The music itself is enjoyable. Learning to play an instrument provides a way to explore your creative side. Unlike his time spent watching television or computer for free, you are able to acquire new skills and have fun when you try to learn to play an instrument.

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