Halloween Piano Tutorial

I’m sure I’m not the only piano teacher who’s had students come in to their lessons unprepared but when asked to play something…anything…they’re able to play a piece they’ve learned from a YouTube tutorial.

Granted, this is not the preferred way to learn a piece of music, but if it gets those fingers moving and inspires a student to take a second look at actually picking up a piece of music and reading it, then I’m all for it.

Besides, it will do in a pinch when Halloween is only three days away and the sheet music is hard to find.



One thought on “Halloween Piano Tutorial

  1. Pretty kewl. Kids teaching each other how to play. Very creative and an insight into the current child-mind set > I think the “adult mind” would think a bit too much and consider this a bit more “complex” than it perhaps is – anyway, my main comment is to thank you for the blogs you post – a great combo of diversity and utility. Wayne

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