Chris Donnelly and teaching jazz piano

Award-winning virtuosic jazz pianist, Chris Donnelly, is on the faculty of University of Toronto and is a terrific blogger sharing his insights on teaching, performing, composing and the business of music.

Recently he’s been writing a series of thought-provoking posts about the “elephant in the room” — incorporating jazz education into the traditional music lesson setting.

I encourage all of my students to appreciate jazz starting out the young students with with books like these, cram them full of  scales, chords and arpeggios in every shape and size, and beg them to listen, listen, listen.  I’d be thrilled if after all that a student would come to me asking for a referral for a jazz piano teacher and hopeful that I’ll recognize the student who needs a push out of my door and into the jazz specialist’s teaching studio.

How do you handle the “elephant in the room?”

(Please visit Chris Donnelly’s blog and listen to more clips here.)

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