Salon Concert, marketing

I’ve been away from my blog for a couple of weeks preparing for a salon concert at The Music Studio which took place last Saturday evening. Jason Smeltzer and I performed a program of music for Theremin and Piano:  two Charlie Chaplin pieces (Eternally and Smile) which acted as bookends for the recital, 4 Leider Op. 2 by Alban Berg, Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part, Song Without Words by James Ricci and a Theremin improvisation.

We performed to a “full house” so there were about 30 people there. I’ve heard that in a larger city, an audience of 30 would be considered large for a concert of  20th century music. When I started thinking about how we managed to fill the house in our little suburb of Scranton, I found it interesting that we did no advertising in the traditional sense. No posters, newspaper articles, calendar listings, or radio announcements.  In fact the only advertising we did was word of mouth, a Facebook event page, and e-mails sent to friends. Jason made some wonderful bookmarks that listed the program details which doubled as programs and hand-out invitations. But besides that, there was no other publicity.

An added bonus, two of my piano students were in attendance!

3 thoughts on “Salon Concert, marketing

  1. About half were returning Anne, some of whom brought first-timer friends. Unfortunately I forgot to put out my sign-in book to collect email addresses this time.

  2. Congrats on the success of your Salon Concert!
    Intimate concert settings were not so uncommon in the past.
    We’re fortunate to be the only school in town with our own concert hall, but the house concerts we play for fundraisers are LOTS of fun.

    thanks for posting!
    ~~Friends at Allegro Music Academy, Sarasota, Florida

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