Creative Collaboration

Up to this point my posts have been limited to piano-related topics. But I saw this video about the collaborative process of composing and I just had to share it. This comes from the blog Being Musical, Being Human written Dr. Robert Woody, of the Music Ed Dept at University of Nebraska. There I’ve found great posts on some of my favorite topics including:  inspiring music students, and what we can learn from non-classical musicians.

He also writes about the group creative process and uses this John Mayer video as an example of what can be accomplished when three professional musicians enter the music studio with nothing and leave 12 hours later with a completed (recorded) song. I like how at the end when they are deciding whether or not to do another take “just for the heck of it…because you never know” John Mayer  says “when I decide that’s the one, the little guy in me sabotages the rest…” But then, he says he’s inspired by the process and can’t wait to go through the song again, this time adding more layers to the guitar solos.

Hmm. How can we add this type of creative collaboration to our piano lessons?

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