A message of positive energy

My social network of choice is Twitter and like Erica Sipes, I too have found a great support group of musicians that I can check in with any time of day (or night) to bounce around ideas, get inspired, or just chat.  I’ve recently been reading about one Twitter friend, pianist Wayne McEvilly, and his work with Mozart in the Schools, a program he implemented in 1974 when he recorded all 17 Mozart piano sonatas on a 5 disc set and distributed it to elementary school classrooms in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  He says the Mozart Sonatas send the students a “message of positive energy” and a “general attitude of all is well” – the same message he sends out through his Tweets every day!

One thought on “A message of positive energy

  1. I am grateful to you for posting this video in your blog and for your generous assessment of my work with children. When the news floods the minds of children with fear, anxiety, and tension, and the situation in many homes is one that produces a host of negative emotions, the simple fact of Mozart in a child’s classroom can be sufficient to change that child’s mentality conveying Mozart’s message directly to the deepest level of subconscious awareness. This is accomplished without a word, and in a language that is understood from the moment we come into this troubled world.
    I believe the basis patterns used in all music can be instrumental in placing the child’s mind in this place of assurance.
    I believe you are providing the children you work with, and their families, and thus the community with a great service which will bring lasting benefits. Thank you for taking the time from you busy schedule to comment on what I am doing.

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