Daria van den Bercken plays Handel

A blog post from Norman Lebrecht (Slipped Disc) via a Twitter Tweet from Harold Gray (pnoman) just made my morning and I had to share this. Here is Dutch pianist Daria van den Bercken taking Handel to the street, performing on a rolling piano.

The project is called Handel at the Piano and here’s what Daria has to say about it….

There have been moments in my life when certain music — more than normally — struck a chord in me and I felt this sense of incredible beauty. It happened again a while ago when playing the keyboard works of George Frideric Handel.

I was overwhelmed by the stillness and melancholy, but at the same time it was music that felt electrifying and energetic. ‘Why is this music performed so rarely?’ I wondered. As there is no logical response, I’ve made it my goal to ensure more people can experience the beauty and power of these works. In the coming months I will be delving into Handel’s world, in preparation of recording his keyboard works in Hannover next January.

I admit, I’ve played very little Handel, except for the occasional piece for a wedding or background music, but after hearing this “rolling” performance I will be taking a second look.  I agree with Daria that there is an urgency and vibrancy to his work that fits this day and age.

6 thoughts on “Daria van den Bercken plays Handel

  1. Love it! What a unique idea. Especially like the surprise/pleasure on people’s faces. This somewhat reminds me of what my local town just did. There is a certain area of town considered to be “rough” where there are lots of “rubbies” who hang out. They’ve just started piping classical music through speakers that surround the park. I think they thought it would discourage people from congregating there (!) but instead, It’s attracted groups of people to the area who would not normally be there…changing the dynamics of the area completely! Thanks for sharing this!

    • I could never understand why some people think classical music would deter people. Great that it had the opposite affect and brought new people to the area.

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