Adele and Free Notereading Method

Have you seen these guys?  Jon Schmidt, piano, and Steven Sharp Nelson, cello, call themselves ThePianoGuys and have a popular YouTube channel with arrangements of everything from the Theme from Charlie Brown performed for an audience of seniors to Carmina Burana performed on a racetrack. I love this arrangement of Rolling In the Deep.

By the way, when you visit Jon Schmidt’s website, be sure to download his Ten Week Notereading Method for FREE – a great resource for teachers and older students who are teaching themselves.

3 thoughts on “Adele and Free Notereading Method

  1. This is so interesting and I agree totally with these comments. At age 58 and working full-time I haven’t much energy left for practice but love nothing more than dipping into the classics I love, no matter what level they are at. And therein lies the rub, because I totally lack the skill to play them properly. So I realize now that everything starts with mastering essentials, having come to that personally. Maybe when I retire there will be time!

    • Hi Ian,
      Nice to see you here! It might be easier for children to develop piano chops with all sorts of exercises, but as adults we can be more objective and see what’s really necessary to improve our playing enough to be able to play the pieces we want to play and then focus on those particular skills. Good luck and enjoy “dipping in!”

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog articles and specific information on piano playing. It is neat to see someone posting refreshing information on piano related themes. Please keep them coming. I also enjoyed watching the many YouTube videos that you shared with us along with freebies on download links.

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