Valentina Lisitsa Practicing

Over the past few days there’s been a buzz on my Twitter and Facebook pages about Valentina Lisitsa and the streaming video of her practice sessions.

I thought it kinda cute to let those of you who are curious – (or upsed at me not responding to messages on Youtube , Facebook etc LOL ) inside my practice studio.I am going to run live webcam for next 7 days-’till July 4th midnight to be exact. I will be working on my recital and concerto programs that I will have to perform next month. I have 55 pieces to work on!!!!!!

Seriously. Some of them I have to revive ( like Chopin Etudes or Brahms #2)more than half is absolutely brand new . I am going to practice as usual -@ 13-14 hours a day., from around 9-10AM EST to midnight. Nothing exciting otherwise:-)

If you have a chance I suggest you tune in at some point today. Great motivation to get you practicing!

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